Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Surveys Do Pay! Over 500 FREE Listings!

We’d just gotten our first computer and internet access (before broadband and high speed) when I received an invitation to join a paid consumer panel. I was so excited that I’d received an email from someone other than those in the house with me! I proudly clicked on the link, and that’s when I first discovered… I could
“Make $150/hr in your pajamas!” on the internet.

I WAS AMAZED!! I wanted to know how it could be done!

See, I was new to the internet and had no idea what I was in for. I started searching for other survey sites to sign up with. In no time my email inbox was running over with survey offers. I started completing survey, after survey, after survey until I was completely burned out.

I decided to take a couple weeks rest; you know, leave the boring stuff alone. Well, about 3 weeks into “resting” from the “boring” stuff, I received 3 checks from 2 companies. I was ecstatic! I was so excited! I couldn’t believe it! Someone actually paid me for my opinion! I looked around for a knife or file or something I could use to carefully open the envelopes. (I DID NOT want to risk tearing my check up opening that envelope!)

I slowly open the envelope thinking I could finally catch up my electric bill! I pulled my $11.00 check put of the now plain envelope and died laughing! I thought they’d shorted my check! I was equally disappointed when I opened the other two for a grand total of $17.00. So I’m not ashamed to say, in fashion, I declared “I’m not completing one more damn survey until they pay me my $150/hr!” Yeah, I was young and obviously very dumb then. So, I slowly wizened up, and learned; as a result, I have been participating in online surveys for 11 years.

How to “qualify” for surveys. I bet you didn’t know you have to be in a specific marketing group to receive really good surveys. When I say “really good”, I mean ones that give you items to keep! Items like the newest, new gadgets that haven’t even hit the street yet. It’s all about who you are and what you do.

This is why it’s important to stick with the surveys. Companies love longevity. Some even reward their first loyal panelists with bonuses! If you make a commitment to yourself to stick with the surveys, be creative, and pay attention, you can make up to, even over, $150/hr working from home. Seriously.

Time and commitment. (*author inhales; exhales deeply*) Honestly folks, you’re gonna have to have time, patience, commitment and time. Making that type of money from this type of outlet will take time. Some of the surveys are short. Super Short! Some of the surveys are long. Some are so fun you’d wish you could do it again. Some get very boring after the first 5 minutes. But you have to remember, you’re getting paid to sit on your duff and get free money or free stuff. Why not give work or socializing a break for a few minutes and earn something nice for yourself?

Referrals. Some sites will give you extra incentives if you refer people to them. Incentives include cash, points, prizes and much, much more. You even earn rewards when your referrals complete surveys (on some sites). Even if you get tired of taking surveys, you’ll still have money coming in from your referrals. And another thing; a good way to get referrals is to include your referral link in your signature when you send emails. That’s another way of making this survey thing work for you.

Panel Groups. These are groups of people gathered by a company, to test their products. I love these. These pay nicely. For example, my kids went to a product testing. They were paid $50 a piece to review cereal. I went to a product testing also. I tasted crackers. I got $50 plus a $10 transportation stipend. I was there for 1 ½ hours. Not bad huh?

These are the tools you need in the wonderful world of survey sites! Now that I’ve given you your toolbelt, start building your way to those “little extras” you’re going to earn.

So if you’re ready to get started, look to your left under the “FREE OFFERS” heading and sign up for as many survey sites as you want. The more sites you sign up with, the more money you make.

I'll list the Mystery Shopping sites soon.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Stop Wasting Your Money

Before you run out with intentions on spending hundreds of dollars replicating the success Dick Hollman had, think about this;

1. That letter was written more than 10 years ago. It's just been updated to give it a "believable" factor.

2. People aren't as giving, accepting, nor as trusting as they were when that letter was written.

3. People who have had success with this letter have sent out more than 1000 letters. Can you afford to do that?

4. The "opportunity seeker" mailing lists are recycled and bombarded with letters or other programs just like Dick Hollmans-what makes yours so different?

5. There are plenty of other programs you can utilize to make money WITHOUT spending a fortune.

With this blog, I will present you with ways you can make money FREE OF CHARGE online. Why would I give this information FREE OF CHARGE? Because I believe in Karma. I believe in "do unto others as you'll have them do unto you."

Let me explain.

As I stated in my previous post, my kids and I received a little success with the Dick Hollman letter. I sent out over 2000 letters. It was a tedious, time-consuming, expensive project but it did pay off. We tried to do it again, this time with only 500 letters, but we didn't really get any responses. Our cash cow had dried up.

Turns out there are A LOT of other people who have tried this and had no success with it. They've even started an online version with PayPal! Wow!

But it still doesn't work.

Save your money. There are lots of ways to make money without copying, stapling, folding, stuffing and mailing out a beggar letter.

Take a look around this page. Click on a few links. Educate yourself. You'll be surprised what you learn.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get this letter??

If so, use it. I've read all the other posts from skeptical people who HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED this system. They're so ready to pick the letter apart and discredit it without proof! Let me ask you this...If someone else believed enough to mail the letter to you, then isn't that a little credibility?

The letter reads...

Dear Friend,

My name is Dick Hollman. In September 2003 (1999 for old letters), my car was repossessed. Bill collectors were hounding me like you wouldn't believe. I was laid off and my unemployment ran out. In October 2003, I was skeptical, but I was desperate. I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try. In January2004, my family and I went on a 10 day cruise! In February I bought a new Cadillac with cash! Today, I am currently building a second home in Virginia and I will never have to work again!

This isn't the entire letter, but if you're reading this it's probably because you've already received it. I received that letter too. I'm not Dick Hollman, but I have tried this program. The first time I tried it, I admit, I cut corners. I was hoping to maximize my profit by putting my name in the middle of the list (I know...stupid move), and I only sent half the people on my list $1. I guess God really don't like ugly because even after mailing out 250 letters I received less than $100. That was in 1993.

So imagine my surprise and the irony of receiving this same letter almost 13 years later! I fell out laughing while reading it. Shaking my head back and forth and all! I put it away for a few days....weeks actually. I ran across the letter while looking for some other papers and put it to the side. I was curious about it and wanted to investigate it.

Later on, I grabbed the letter and headed to the computer. The first thing I did was look up Dick Hollman. That's when I came across the Nay-Sayers. I was about ready to toss the letter in the trash until I decided to look up the people listed on the letter. I was able to find 4 of the 7 names listed. I picked up my cell and called them. Why not?

The first person to answer was a lady by the last name of Orwitz. I apologized for calling and told her I'd received her letter. She was understanding as I explained how I was a divorced, and didn't have extra money to spend on things like this. She told me she was a senior on SSI who couldn't afford it herself, but her and her roommate split the costs. As of that date they'd received about $11,000. That's all I needed to hear!! But I didn't get too happy. I had 2 other people to call.

The 2nd person I called was an ass. Plain and simple. He was an ass. I apologized for calling, told him the same thing I'd told Mrs. Orwitz and asked how his mailing went. He thought I was someone from the IRS and cursed me out. Needless to say I didn't call him back

The third and last person I called was a retired postal worker. He proceeded to tell he about how he'd delivered these letters year after year and how he could tell the chain letters from the regular letters and blah, blah, blah. Since I'm not a rude person and I respect my elders,I listened, nodded and listened. He finally told me he wasn't comfortable telling me how much he'd gotten but he did tell me it was in the 5 figures. Hmmmm...one more person to call.

The last person I called was this guy named Dale. He was a younger guy. He liked my voice. Anyway, I went over the introduction and apologies only to hear a "click". He'd hung up on me. Or so I thought. He called me back saying he lost his signal then told me he'd received only about $2000. He was the last person on the list though, so he still had a ways to go. I was curious again.

As a way of keeping my kids busy, I decided this would be their project. If it didn't work out at least I kept them busy and out of trouble for a while! They retyped the letter. I copied it at work for free (LOL-STILL CUTTING CORNERS!!), and bought some envelopes from Dollar General. They spent a week folding, stuffing and sealing envelopes. Instead of using the company in the letter, I bought a mailing list from eBay. They were cheaper and I got more names (CUTTING CORNERS AGAIN!!).

Since I was already living paycheck to paycheck, we were only able to mail out 50 letters a week. True enough, we didn't mail them all at once like the letter says, but after the 2nd week, we started getting a couple dollars in our mailbox! It wasn't $90 like the letter says.

We mailed out the $1 to the people on our list BEFORE we mailed our letters. We wanted to be sure we blessed someone else so we could receive blessings. I didn't want what happened the last time to happen this time!

After 4 months and 4 days we'd received almost $82,000. Of course it's not what the letter stated, but it was a blessing and it was enough for us. You should've seen the kids. They came home from school everyday excited and ready to open envelopes! It was a fun project that paid a lot of bills and cleaned up my credit!

The bottom line is this: It's really easy to dismiss something before trying it. Did you know you were going to love Chinese before you even tried it? I didn't. I think in this day and time people are so guarded, as they should be, that they look for ways to save themselves from being scammed. That's understandable. Really it is. But if someone else believed enough to send you that letter, isn't it worth another look? I gain nothing by posting this blog...hell, you aren't gonna send me $1 are you?

Couldn't this actually work?

It did for us.